Spice its advantages and benefits on the body

Spice its advantages and benefits on the body



 There are a thousand and one ways to combine the seemly innocuous herbs and spices that we have all around us into very potent remedies to keep us healthy all year round. They are relatively inexpensive with the process of making them so simple that even a toddler can put it together. No… I was kidding about that. So getting into the crust of the remedies, there are quite a few spices that you can implement into your daily meal plans for a healthy life. I will be putting out a few powerful spices that work with ease and that you can take by itself or mix with any menu you may come up with
A word of caution, however; if you have any severe ailments and are undergoing treatment with medications, get in touch with your general practitioner before you consume any spice or herb


 This is a great spice that lowers your blood sugar, and the aroma it possesses is quite lovely. If you are currently dealing with diabetes, this is one spice that should adorn your kitchen cabinet all year round. Constant use of this spice gradually pulls you away from the grip of sugar, and your body stops craving for the sweet things. The beauty of the spice is that you get the great sweetness without the potentially harmful effects of having too much sugar in your system that can elevate your risks of coming down with complications associated with diabetes. Add a sprinkle to your tea or coffee or a teaspoon to your juice or any of your favourite drinks


 It is a light yellow rhizome with a sharp and hot aftertaste. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s fat burning qualities are something to be marvelled at. It is a spice that is considered to be a digestive fire which paves the path for your body to produce digestive
enzymes that quickly breaks down nutrients

It is also an essential spice for the treatment of a lot of our everyday ailments that we will typically take synthetic and potentially harmful substances into our body to cure. Take body pains, common cold, aching of the joints, nausea and a boatload of other sicknesses are quickly taken care by this spice. Taken regularly daily either in the form of tea or incorporated into your meals, it serves as a very potent agent in the reduction of high cholesterol levels in your body. This is a spice that costs you next to nothing and is ideally suited for a lot of body types with almost no side effects which are associated with the artificial chemical substances we consume.
It is a perfect ingredient in improving poor digestion. To get your gastrointestinal system activated every day, take a teaspoon of dried ginger powder with warm water and some honey first thing in the morn at least thirty minutes before having any breakfast. You can also take it in between meals during the day. Ginger can be added to your meals in the fresh form to boil your beef and also sprinkled onto your food to give your digestion a muchneeded boost.
 Ginger does not just work on your internal organs; it also serves crucial roles in catering for your body’s external needs by providing a soothing and efficient circulation of blood at the surface of the skin. If you have sore muscles or joints, you can make a poultice by adding two teaspoons of dried ginger powder to some warm water. Gently stir until fine paste forms. Apply it to the spot and massage it into your muscles and enjoy the soothing relief that follows. It is pertinent that this mixture does not come in contact with your nose or eyes. So always ensure you wash your hands properly after handling ginger because of its fiery nature.


 They both have excellent cholesterol-lowering abilities, but most folks stay away from them due to the pungent odour associated with it especially garlic. They have been used for ages for their medicinal properties and for spicing dishes. They both stimulate the production of digestive enzymes which actively breaks down fatty acid deposits. Garlic has a broader spectrum of action compared to the onion, and its active ingredients are stronger than those found in onions. They are both useful in the cleansing of the liver, high blood pressure, bacterial infections and it is not limited to gastrointestinal disorders and the common cold.
So now let’s get into the act of effectively using these new found friends of ours. You can munch on cloves of garlic and onions by dicing them up and adding some vinegar or lemon juice to make a zingy salad. A dash of honey will add some much needed mellow taste to this mixture. It is handy in the treatment of respiratory tract problems. I bet you know onions and garlic are used for cooking either in boiling, steaming or frying of specific types of foods. The healing effects of these two great friends on our bodies cannot be overestimated.
Onions and garlic can also be consumed in their powder or oil forms. It all comes down to which one suits you at any given point in time. You may want to dissolve the powder in warm water and drink or take a clove or two of garlic two to three times daily. It all depends on you. It is important to note that if you have issues with your gallbladder, take a full berth around garlic and onions and keep walking. You taste them, and you are going to be having some severe pains for a very long time.


 This has been called the “Top Dog of Spices.” It aids digestion, cleanses the liver and aids in the removal of toxic substances from the body. So why would you take an anti-inflammatory prescription that will have some nasty side effects when you can take some turmeric which goes well with your body? It eases stress, digestive problems, naturally controls the impact of diabetes and a host of other issues. Its role in food preservation is also widely known. Due to its very potent anti-viral properties, recent research has shown its strong action against some forms of cancers. There are no known adverse effects of the consumption of turmeric. So you can take the powdered form with your tea or incorporate it into your meals. Another significant strength of this great spice is that it prevents the build-up of fats. Constant intake of turmeric daily will gradually lead to your body firming up, and your skin will glow.
A few years ago I started taking turmeric and ginger powder tea in the morn and late at night when I had that crave to have a cup of wine before going to bed. It is so soothing and calms my fray nerves while I am confident it is doing wonders for my health. My craving for that late night snack or alcohol has been cut drastically. My acne and blemishes that had become a part of my skin gradual cleared and my feelings every morn was just out of this world.
The bright yellow colour of this great spice adds the rainbow to my eggs in the morn. I get all the best of two worlds; the protein from my eggs and the significant benefits from the turmeric without the taste because it doesn’t have any significant flavour. The application of this spice does not just end at my breakfast table, it forms a part of my everyday diet, from steaming of my meat to the making of salads. So make friends with this golden spice and reap the benefits that come along with it


 This is one spicy and hot guy. The hotness is as a result of the capsaicin which is found in hot peppers from chilli to jalapenos. Due to the presence of the active ingredients in the peppers, you can get the same benefits form all these spices. Its primary function is that it accelerates your metabolism to almost twice the usual rate while you are enjoying your meal spiced with some hot peppers. After a bite of your jalapeno spiced pizza or barbecue, you can feel your metabolic rate rises as your heartbeat begins to race. This is one great way to curb your eating desires as you get filled quickly while your metabolism increases at the same time. So this is one great spice that can help in reduction of excess body weight in a healthy way 
Do you know of this great recipe that gives you a jolt in the morn? It gets you straight out of bed right into the day. Get yourself some cayenne pepper and lemon. Squeeze the lemon into a jar or your cup and sprinkle a healthy amount of the pepper into it. It brings a jolt of lightning to your system


 It is an excellent herb for stoking your gastrointestinal flames, heightening your desires to eat and cleanses your digestive organs. It also encourages the production of hydrochloric acid which is critical in the breaking down of food materials. The use of black pepper gives an easy way out for common ailments like common cold, fevers, etc. More severe conditions like anorexia, liver problems and nervous disorders can also be treated with black pepper remedies. Boil two teaspoons of black pepper, add some honey and take daily to maintain a healthy life


 This is just one incredible spice that has been showed in studies to burn belly fat three times faster healthier than any known method. Just a pinch of warm water or your tea two to three times daily and watch that spare tire around your waist deflate in no time

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