The Spices Route

The Spices Route

Spices have performed several functions ranging from flavouring to medical purposes since the dawn of humankind. Archaeological studies unearthed spices from ruins surrounding the Nile Region dating as far back as 2800 BC.

The versatile nature of spices and herbs are not just confined to pleasing our palates, and they also serve to preserve human remains. Countries during the middle ages held herbs and spices in high regards, and they used it for purposes ranging from funeral ceremonies, royal activities and for healing.

In this modern times, we have associated spices more with the flavouring qualities they give to our dishes. Going back to study the ancient use of these spices have begun to open up a new vista to their power as healing and preventive antioxidants with fat burning capabilities. According to some recent researches, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that adding of spices rich in polyphenol to a meat dish cut back the production of malondialdehyde which is a product of the peroxidation of lipids and is suspected to cause cancer.

Other studies have confirmed the efficacy of spices and herbs through its antioxidant powers to combat harmful substances in our everyday foods. For example, do you know that the meat and other products you grill and love so much contain carcinogens? This can, however, be reduced to the barest minimum by the addition of spices which inhibit the formation of cancer forming compounds.

Heterocyclic amine compounds are formed in mostly meat, poultry, and seafood products that are cooked at high temperatures mainly over fire or frying. We sure cannot almost avoid such an essential part of our meals, so what do we need to do to cut down the potential risks associated with consuming such products? Simply introduce spices and herbs to lighten up the tastes of your barbecues and at the same time product you and your loved ones.

Commonly found spices like cumin, turmeric, and a host of others are beneficial in the reduction of HCA production. Spices and herbs do not just reduce your chances of coming down with cancer, but they also act as a barrier and treatment against a host of other ailments from diabetes to the common cold.

Research carried out in 2011 showed that cinnamon and clove due to its high hypolipidemic properties reduced the blood cholesterol by about 65% in subjects during the study. How do you explain a reduction in body weight on a relatively fatty diet during the study period? This is just the effect of the spices that were incorporated into the meals of the subjects during the time frame.

As you continue to discover the fantastic powers of herbs, it is essential that you increase your consumption of these ailments preventing nutrients. You can embrace some of the following steps on your way to a tastier and healthy lifestyle; Take spices and herbs for their general health properties and not because of a particular advantage that they may confer on you.

It is pertinent that you eat food substances rich in antioxidant, e.g., spices, herbs, vegetables, fresh fruits etc. To make your diet a wholesome experience. In as much as studies are still ongoing concerning the specific disease preventing abilities of spices, that should not stop you from taking a whole variety of antioxidant-rich foods.

We sure do know that spices contain significant amounts of antioxidants, but the dearth of information is in the area of how this connects to the excellent health and advantages it gives to those of us that make use of them on a regular basis. Do not limit yourself to a particular spice and herbs, explore the whole spectrum of the rainbow. By trying a bit of this and adding some of that to your meals, you will be getting the best of the fantastic and different health-giving compounds that they have

You should take your spices and herbs in whatever form you can get them. If you have got a garden, then it is entirely reasonable that you may make use of a lot of fresh spices. However, if you cannot lay your hands on some new herbs, dried ones will also do the job correctly and most times even more than fresh herbs.

The UCLA School of Medicine in a study on several herbs and spices found out that they kept their essential properties even when dried. Walk away from that unhealthy food additive. Even though there is not much information on the specific health advantages may have, they are a far better substitute when compared to sugar, fats, and salt.

Spices bring out the hidden tastes, aromas, and flavours of your dishes and are also far healthier to your body. If you are on a diet or looking for ways to get rid of that stubborn body fat, spices can come in to replace sugars and other artificial sweeteners. We have become so attached to the conventional ways of satisfying our tongues and not taking adequate care of our bodies that the most common spices that are within reach may have gone unnoticed.

Cinnamon is a perfect replacement for sugar in your tea, coffee, cereals. Your taste buds may fight you at first, but gradually the acquired tastes become a norm as your body begins to reap the tremendous health benefits that come along with its use.

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